What our clients say about our English Pronunciation Course

“Communicating in all situations has become easier for me, especially interacting with patients and the other nurses which I have to do everyday. People understand me more easily now!”   
Kumi, Nurse, Originally from Japan

“I used to feel frustrated when I had to repeat myself to patients and my co-workers. After Speechmatters training, I can now get my message across easily, the first time.”
Amit, Physician, Originally from India

I’d like to thank you for the time and effort you gave me. What i learnt has been invaluable, not only at this stage but also in the future. Working with you even in a short period of time, I have learnt so much, not only in pronunciation but in other areas as well. You have exceptional communication skills, great personality and are a patient teacher. I am very happy as I was provided excellent services.
Christine, Accounting, Originally from Vietnam

“I wasn’t confident speaking English because I had no formal training in English pronunciation. I didn’t understand things like stress and the vowels that are used. Speechmatters training has helped me understand all areas of English pronunciation which has given more confidence. My English pronunciation and my speaking skills in general have improved a lot.”
Maria, Spanish teacher, Originally from Colombia

“Speechmatters helped me speak more clearly, greatly improving my oral English.  The individual tailor-made sessions changed my speech a lot. Now I feel more confident talking with local people and conversation has become easier for me.  When using English for my career, I believe I can give a much better performance.”
Grant, Business IT, from China

“I’ve put tremendous time and efforts into English in my life, however I have never been confident in speaking because of my pronunciation. The other day, my Australian friend told me that my English speaking had improved a lot and that I sounded more confident. This is thanks to Speechmatters! What I’ve learnt at Speechmatters is an important asset”
Yuko, Translator and Interpreter from Japan

“I highly recommend the Speechmatters program to anyone who wants to speak more clearly. Sometimes people couldn’t understand me and it was causing problems for me at work, especially on the phone. Now I can speak English clearly and get my message across easily in all situations.”
Aadi, Engineer, originally from India.

Having speech lessons with Speechmatters helped my pronunciation instantly. It also enabled me to monitor, self-correct and evaluate my speech even after my lessons have completed. You gave me the ability to identify mistakes and imperfections in my speech and make improvements from this and this is the most powerful skill I have learnt from Speechmatters. Although i have completed my lessons, the skills and experience I have gained from you are going to benefit me for the rest of my life. Thank you for all your help.
Fay, Interpreter, originally from China.



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