Speech matters English Pronunciation Training is tailored to include:


A focus on vocabulary specific to your career.


Part of our individualised approach includes focusing on the pronunciation of vocabulary that is relevant to your area of work or study. For example, vocabulary that is specific to the areas of accounting, IT, medical fields, aviation, engineering, job interviews etc.


Tailored Speech matters Speech CDs

We know what works. At every training appointment you will receive a Speecmatters speech practice CD that is made specifically for you.


We use a live recording system to provide you with immediate feedback and recorded samples of your speech. Our CDs will help you remember what is taught during our appointments and they will help you with practise. Speechmatters speech practise CDs are a key tool in achieving success.


Every person speaks differently and everybody learns new speech skills at a different rate. For this reason, all of our training materials are tailored specifically to your needs.


International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) the IPA chart

The IPA is a system of symbols used to represent sounds. You will see them in your dictionary.
English is not a phonetic language, this means that we don’t know how to say a word by the way it looks. The IPA is extremely helpful for learning English pronunciation because it indicates exactly how to pronounce words. If you want we can help you learn to use these symbols. Using the IPA will assist you in improving your pronunciation and learning the correct pronunciation of new words on a long term basis.


English Expressions ( idioms/metaphors/colloquialisms)

Learn to understand the many ‘expressions’ that English speakers use eg. “bear with me”, “let’s play it by ear”, “that’s pretty handy”. If you dont understand these terms, you will be missing a lot of what is being said around you. Understanding these types of common everyday expressions is very important in the business environment.


Visit ‘Speech Tips’ to hear the most mispronounced English words and English vowels.

 Girl pronunciation


Whatever your profession, we’ll help you correct your pronunciation of words and phrases that you use at work.



Online English Pronunciation Training Videos coming soon.

Email us and we will keep you informed.



We will help you ‘get the hang of’ common Australian expressions such as this.