Your Speech matters Speech CDs

We know what works.


At every training appointment you will receive a Speecmatters speech practice CD that is made specifically for you.


We use a live recording system to provide you with immediate feedback and recorded samples of your speech. Our CDs will help you remember what is taught during our appointments and they will help you with practise. Speechmatters speech practise CDs are a key tool in achieving success.


Every person speaks differently and everybody learns new speech skills at a different rate. For this reason, all of our training materials are tailored specifically to your needs.


In a recent survey of our clients 80% said that they still used the CDs to help practise improving and maintain their spoken English skills 6 months after they had finished the program.


What our clients say –

“The Speechmatters CDs that I got at each lesson are a great help to review what I’ve learnt. Now I’m back in Japan and I still keep working on my pronunciation with these CDs.”
Yuko, Translator and Interpreter from Japan


“The Speechmatters speech CDs were very very very helpful to remember and practise the areas I need to improve. Listening to the CDs helped me realise my mistakes. My pronunciation is much clearer, but also my grammar and listening skills have improved as well. I dont have to repeat myself anymore.”
Jenny, Accountant, originally from China


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“Now I’m back in Japan and I still keep working on my pronunciation with the CDs.”
– Yuko, Interpreter

Girl pronunciation


“The speech CDs were very very helpful to practise the areas I need to improve” – Jenny, Accountant

Client pic