We have 21+ tailored courses for speakers of different languages. We work with individuals, companies and universities to improve English speaking and pronunciation.


Courses are 13 weeks in length and cover all the areas of speech that impact on speech clarity. Our students will improve their English speaking and learn correct rate, volume, vowel and consonant sounds, sentence stress, syllable stress, phone pronunciation, numbers and letters and more.


Speaking clear English improves your career opportunities. You will improve your performance at work. with our tailored video training program, speech exercise audio files.

All of our knowledge and expertise have been built into our easy to follow online course. You can also have a full speech assessment by a Speech Pathologist and accent expert and receive detailed audio and written feedback.

What more we offer



Speak clear English for improved career opportunities.Learn how to speak clear English. Start improving today.


For companies requiring English Pronunciation Training for Staff

Our programs can be integrated into your existing e-learning system or you can refer staff that require assistance to us.

Contact us to request a presentation or find out more.



Many specialists take our training to speak clear English with their colleagues, clients and patients.

Contact us for more detail on how we can help your team.

English speaking | Accent reduction courses are available for speakers of the following languages

  • Cantonese Speakers
  • Mandarin Speakers
  • Sinhala Speakers
  • Speakers from India
  • Spanish speakers
  • Thai Speakers
  • Indonesian Speakers
  • Vietnamese Speakers
  • Malay Speakers
  • Polish Speakers
  • Russian Speakers
  • Arabic Speakers
  • French Speakers
  • Portuguese Speakers and more….

Is your first language not here?

We can easily develop a course for you if you choose to have your English pronunciation assessed.


Learn how to speak clear English today with a specialised English Pronunciation Course. Improve your English Pronunciation Online.