English Pronunciation Course – Speak Clear English

Sorry, after 8 years we no longer offer 1:1 training. BUT now you can learn clear English online.


All of our knowledge and expertise is now in an easy to follow online English Pronunciation course. You can also have a full speech assessment by a Speech Pathologist and receive detailed audio feedback.


You will learn clear English in 13 weeks with our tailored Online English Pronunciation Course.


See how you can speak clear English today.

Our Corporate Clients

Many of our clients have the service funded by their employer. Some of our Corporate clients include

Alcatel Lucent, Bupa, Moore Stephens, Telstra, NAB, Commonwealth Bank, VenCorp, Arup, LiteSteel, Toshiba, ANL, St Hilliers, Yarra Trams, SKM Consulting, NSX, State Trustees, Department of Treasury and Finance, RMIT University, Melbourne University, Victoria University, Monash University, Investors Direct, Victorian Police Department, Chris Poole Interpreting and many more.


Our Individual clients

Speechmatters clients are professionals or students from all over the world who would like to speak English more clearly or further perfect their pronunciation of English.

We see people in all areas of work including accountants, engineers, people working in finance or banking, doctors, nurses, lecturers, customer service representatives, people training in aviation and students preparing for IELTS exams. We also see media professionals who want to neatralise their accents for newsreading or other media presentation.

We make training as relevant to your goals and career area as possible, so the program will include a focus on specific language and vocabulary that is relevant to your area of work / study. If you are looking for a job, we can focus on your speech clarity for to improve your interview performance.


What our clients say –

Speechmatters helped me speak more clearly, greatly improving my oral English.  The individual tailor-made sessions changed my speech a lot. Now I feel more confident talking with local people and conversation has become easier for me.  When using English for my career, I believe I can give a much better performance.” Grant, Business IT, from China

“I’ve put tremendous time and efforts into English in my life, however I have never been confident in speaking because of my pronunciation. The other day, my Australian friend told me that my English speaking had improved a lot and that I sounded more confident. This is thanks to Speechmatters! What I’ve learnt at Speechmatters is an important asset” Yuko, Translator and Interpreter from Japan

“I highly recommend the Speechmatters program to anyone who wants to speak more clearly. Sometimes people couldn’t understand me and it was causing problems for me at work, especially on the phone. Now I can speak English clearly and get my message across easily in all situations.” Engineer, originally from India


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Learn how to speak clear English today with our tailored, online English Pronunciation Course.