New English Pronunciation FAQs on Accent Modification

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Frequently asked questions about accent training

What is an accent?
What is Accent Modification?
What improvement can I expect?
How will I remember what I’m taught in between lessons?
Is it too late to start changing my speech?
Interesting articles on Accent Modification / English Pronunciation.
What are some speech tips so I can start improving my pronunciation right now?


What is an accent?

Everyone speaks with an accent. In today’s world people are constantly moving from state to state and from country to country. One thing that people take with them is their accent.

Sometimes a persons accent can result in communication difficulties. People with a strong accent may be asked frequently to repeat themselves. This can be very frustrating! When someone’s accent causes communication difficulties they may choose to see a Speech Pathologist to help them improve their English pronunciation so they can deliver their message clearly, effectively and with confidence.

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What is Accent Modification?


Accent modification is a method for changing speech patterns.


The speech patterns that affect accent are:


  • pronunciation of sounds (vowels and consonants)
  • use of stress
  • use of rhythm and intonation


You will be assisted by an English Pronunciation tutor who will identify the areas of your speech that require improvement.

What improvement can I expect?

At Speechmatters we work on the most important areas first. We work to improve the errors in your speech that have the largest effect on your clarity. Our individualised approach and experience means that our clients are able to acheive results in the most cost and time effective way possible.


The rate of improvement differs from person to person. Your rate of improvement depends on many factors but the biggest, most important factor affecting your progress is how much you practice.

Individuals who attend recommended sessions and complete the recommended practice can expect a significant change in their speech.



How will I remember what I’m taught and what to practice in between lessons?

Practice is the most essential part in the process of changing your speech. To assist your practice you will be provided with the relevant written materials and a speech CD at every training appointment. More about Speech CDs.

Is it too late to start changing my speech?

It is never too late to start changing your speech. Some of our clients have been in Australia for over 25 years and they have successfully managed to improve their speech with our training. However it is true to say that the sooner you start the better. The longer you have been using the same speech patterns, the more difficult they can be to change. Start improving right now – visit our Speech Tips.

Interesting articles on Accent Modification and English pronunciation.



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