Benefits of Accent Training Courses

There are many benefits to improving your English pronunciation and speaking English more clearly. Many of our clients say that the biggest benefit is not having to repeat themselves. Many of our clients say that being easily understood gives them more confidence and enables them to build better relationships with their colleagues. Speaking clearly makes communicating easier.

Improving your English pronunciation means that you will:

  • communicate more easily in day-to-day life
  • experience more positive interactions with people
  • have increased career opportunities
  • have improved job performance
  • enhance your job interview performance
  • have greater understanding from listeners
  • improve your communication skills for business
  • improve your professional image
  • have improved telephone and presentation skills


I used to feel frustrated when I had to repeat myself to patients and my co-workers. After Speechmatters Accent training, I can now get my message across easily, the first time.”

Amit, Physician, Originally from India

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What is accent training?


The process of accent training is simple, it’s teaching your mouth to make new sounds, it’s about learning how to make sounds that aren’t common in your first language. It’s about forming words more like a native speaker, stressing words with sentences more like a native speaker, learning the correct rate or speed to say the words, learning about correct pausing and more. Our pronunciation training will cover all of these areas.


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Learn how to speak clear English with our English Pronunciation Courses. Learn clear English.


“Now I’m back in Japan. I still work on my pronunciation using the ”
– Yuko, Interpreter

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When people ask you to repeat yourself it can be frustrating. Sometimes people who have to repeat themselves start to avoid speaking in some situations because they are worried people won’t understand them.